#ACNH Pattern

The place to share and find cool patterns!


What is #ACNH Pattern ?

#ACNH Pattern is a website where you can share and find cool patterns for you favorite game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Why did you build this website?

I was amazed by all the incredible content I saw on Twitter, but I was also bummed because all of this great content was lost a few hours after it was send... I wanted a place where everyone can share their work in a more structured way.

How do I make a Creator page?

Just upload a design! Your creator page will be generated automatically based on your ANCH creator code:

You can find your personal page at: https://www.acnhpattern.com/[YOURCREATORCODE]

Please note that this is not instant, and creator pages are built every 12 to 24 hours.

🌟 Bonus for donors

If you make a donation to the ACNH Pattern site, first of all, thank you for your support! As a special bonus, donors can have a custom page title and add a Ko-fi link on your creator page and allow your fans to support your work directly! Feel free to contact me on Twitter and we'll add this button!

How did you build it?

With great software! I'm new to web development and I wanted to improve my skills by building something fun, and something that I liked. I used GatsbyJS, a cool framework based on React that let you build fast modern static websites

I also used Firebase for the database and the authentication system, and it was a breeze, especially for someone who was afraid of all the server side stuff of a website.